Ipswich Regent Theatre

The Ipswich Regent theatre originally opened in 1929 as a cine-variety hall. It was then re-launched in 1991 as a theatre and seats 1,781 people making it the largest theatre in East Anglia. It has shown a wide variety of productions and is now funded by Ipswich Borough Council as part of their art and entertainment portfolio.

Ipswich Regent Theatre required a system that could provide high quality sound for announcements and emergency broadcasts. One of the major challenges with older buildings, especially theatres, is that rewiring is not a feasible option. This meant that the solution needed to be installed using the current cabling.

Marks Tey Radio has been using TOA products for over 20 years, and during this time have built up a great relationship with us. Their knowledge of our systems made TOA an obvious choice, as well as it filling all the criteria from their brief.

The VX-2000 series was chosen for public address and emergency alerts. It has been successfully installed in numerous theatres and is a very reliable system. It can be scaled and expanded with up to 8 input zones and 80 output zones. This makes it very easy should they wish to alter or expand the system to do so. The VX-2000 series was installed using the current cabling. As the system allows for impedance monitoring, this could easily be done. The VX-2000 Series also includes a show mode that disables alerts in the main theatre during the performance whilst still allowing for alerts in the rest of the building as was specified in the brief.

The M-9000 Series was also chosen due to its incredible flexibility, allowing for growth and change to the system in the future should it be needed. The M-9000 Series was installed for show relay of stage mics to the back of the theatre creating perfect surround sound for the ultimate theatre experience.
A range of TOA speakers were used to create the ideal sound in each area of the theatre. Again, TOA speakers were used because of their flexibility and durability. The speakers complimented the systems used, and could be connected using some of the previous cabling where needed. They blended easily in to the background to create a clean look.

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