University Hospital Saint-Luc
University Hospital Saint-Luc

University Hospital Saint-Luc

On the 15th of January 2014 the new emergency service of the University Hospital Saint-Luc in Bruxelles opened its doors to the public. The existing building dated from 1976 and since that time, the hospital had struggled to meet the capacity demands as well as the demands from nurses and patients.

Before construction, a lot of research was done. Since 2007 a steering committee of doctors, nurses, members of the technical department and the architects worked together to build a vision for the new hospital. They got a lot of inspiration of hospitals all over Europe. A budget of 15 million Euros was spent on the construction of the new 3000m² emergency department (almost twice as big as the old department) with primary focus on the patient.

In a hospital it is obvious that all safety procedures are taken into account and therefore there was no doubt to install a voice alarm system. The electrician that was assigned for the low voltage works, the firm Collignon s.a., again appealed on the expertise of PSI (Prévost System Integration), the specialist in standard-compliant evacuation systems and exclusive distributor of the complete TOA product range in Belgium and Luxembourg. After careful analysis of the needs and desires and in close contact with the responsible persons of the University Hospital, a well thought-out decision was made for the installation of the VM-3000 system manufactured by TOA.

This straightforward but very powerful system meets all the typical demands for this sort of application. The whole system consists of a master amplifier (VM-3240 VA) and a slave amplifier (VM-3240 E), a multiple sound source and a fireman’s microphone (RM-300MF) with extension unit. The system is accommodated with a secondary power supply unit, a battery charging device and a back-up amplifier, in full compliance with the EN54-16 en EN54-4 evacuation norms and according the new demands in the CPR-regulation. Furthermore EN54-24 certified speakers were installed (TOA model PC-1869FC ceiling speakers and TOA CS-154BS for the garage).

Speech intelligibility of the (pre-registered) messages for a voice evacuation system is a crucial aspect for the installation. Upon completion of the works, the necessary control measurements were undertaken which proved the speech intelligibility values (STI) were between 0,67 and 0,79, which corresponded with “very good” to nearly “excellent”. The University Hospital Saint-Luc is therefore sure that it has a state of the art voice evacuation system.

Thanks to the very successful collaboration between Collignon and PSI, the patients are not only sure about receiving the best care, but they are also sure that in case of calamities in the hospital, evacuation will go smoothly.

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