ISE 2019

System Integrations for a Wide Variety of Applications


At ISE 2019, TOA demonstrated our integrated solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Modern building requirements are more complex than individually operated voice alarm, public address and intercom systems and require an intelligent combination of all these components. TOA delivers exactly this system integration with all our synergies – from a single source and with the usual quality and longevity of TOA products.

Many visitors came to our booth at ISE and discovered more about the integrative capabilities of TOA.

We’re already looking forward to ISE 2020 with an even bigger booth, new products and a renewed cooperation with AviaVox. See you there!


ISE 2019 Highlights


Voice alarm with TOA’s VX-3000 – certified, updated and “ready to fly”

The EN 54-certified VX-3000 Voice Alarm System is even more powerful with the newest firmware update, which allows scaling up to 2560 speaker lines and 1280 intercom stations. A true highlight is the new compact version of the VX-3000 which can be wall mounted: the VX-3308WM. The new “Wall Mount” is particularly suitable for small or distributed installations. With the VX-300SM  & VX-300SV components, TOA offers another cost-effective solution for monitoring loudspeaker lines. Together with AviaVox, we also showcased a state-of-the-art solution for the generation and control of announcements at airports – multilingual, automatic and with perfect speech intelligibility.

IP Intercom with N-8000 and our SIP stations N-SP80

The latest SIP technology allows TOA’s N-8000 intercom system to be integrated into existing communication systems via various SIP servers. The N-SP80 SIP intercoms succeed with user-friendly handling and can be used for access control with audio and video communication in high-quality. In addition, the RS-410ECR2 emergency intercom station has been developed in accordance with the German standard DIN VDE V 0827 for emergency and danger systems and uses the latest RFID technology. It is therefore particularly suitable for schools and other public buildings. This system is supplemented by IP-based horn speakers, which can be addressed directly via the network.

Conference and wireless systems

For web conferencing, the AM-CF1 conference microphone combines real-time innovative voice tracking technology with digital signal processing and mobile app operation. In addition, with three handheld wireless microphones, we deliver a wide selection of vocal transmissions consisting of the powerful wireless microphone S5.5 with interchangeable capsules and the affordable DM-880.

Another highlight is the digital wireless system D5000. With its high speech intelligibility, feedback suppressor (FBS), transmission encryption and ultra-light beltpack the D5000 is the perfect solution for conferences, theatres, educational institutions and multipurpose halls.

Further products at the ISE 2019

The MA-725F digital matrix mixer was presented as an all-in-one solution, offering individually selectable background music for different zones as well as announcements. It’s quick to set up and easy to use – with the updated version also browser operable.
In advance of the trade show, our compact line array system HX-7 has been certified according to the EN 54 standard and is more than ever the perfect complement to a public address and security concept in large venues such as halls and stadiums.

Integrated solutions for security and communication

The audio and voice alarm solutions from TOA cover a wide range of applications. From solutions for restaurants and retail to the equipping of large building complexes such as industrial plants or airports, all products succeed with reliable and state-of-the-art technologies.


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