NELSON MANDELA BAY MUNICIPALITY utilises TOA TS-780 Conference System…

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has installed a cost effective TOA TS-780 Conference System with a built-in Digital Recorder.

TOA began developing conference systems in 1978. Over the years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and achievements that have earned our company an excellent reputation for providing highly reliable systems that are easy to use. At TOA, we will continue to offer a full product lineup to support the smooth management of conferences.

Features of the System are…

・Plug-and-play system.

・Up to 64 units can be attached to a single Central Unit.

・System expandable to 192 units by connection of 3 Central Units.

・Test function allows connections to be accurately verified.

・Conferences can be recorded onto SD card or external recording device.

・Built-in feedback suppressor for more efficient reduction of acoustic feedback.

・External equalizing capability.

・Compact and stable hardware design.

The installed system consists of TWO Chairman Units and FIFTY EIGHT Delegate Units.

The system is integrated with a TOA Public Address System consisting of the TOA A-2000 Mixer Amplifier and TOA SR-H2S Slim Line Array Short Throw Speakers.

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