New 2018 Trantec Price List

We’re delighted to share the new, updated Trantec Price List.

This is a significant new list, featuring price reductions, tweaks to our product range and some fantastic new products, including the exciting launch of our amazing new S5.5 Rack ‘n’ Ready systems!

For almost 30 years we’ve used our extensive research and development know-how to manufacture the most innovative and technologically advanced audio products. Our wide product range and versatile accessories ensure that we meet the most challenging demands, without ever compromising on sound quality.

Designed in the UK, the S5 Series comprises the S5.5 and its variants. The S5.5 is a multi-channel UHF system that can operate up to 24 channels simultaneously and be used with a wide range of microphones or instrument cables. Trusted and admired for its build quality and reliability, the S5.5’s upgraded features include an all black fascia design with distinctive colour backlit indicators, a stronger belt clip and an RF link out for cascading receivers.

For these items and all of our other fantastic Trantec products, browse the new 2018 Price List now!

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