Digital Announcers

EV-20R Sound Repeater (DesktopType)

  • Up to 4 separate message selections or announcements to a total maximum of three minutes may be recorded for playback as desired. Front panel-mounted recording inputs (mic./line switchable) keep the process simple.
  • A built-in interval timer allows messages to be repeated at various time intervals (0,5,10, and 30 seconds or 1,5,10, and 30 minutes or 1 hour or ).
  • A 3W/8 amplifier section is built-in, allowing the EV-20R to be directly connected to speakers. A control for adjusting an external input source level is convenient when setting up programmed playback.
  • A line input and output are included for connecting various other program sources including CD players or dedicated BGM units.

EV-700 Digital Announcer

EV-700 Digital announcing machine capable of recording/playback. It is ideal for periodical, attention calling and broadcast used in commercial and public facilities.