With all equipment connectable to an ordinary IP network, IP-1000 series, the true digital matrix system is expandable to any locations with network access.

The name “IP-1000” is used to highlight its extensive capacity for supporting 1000 IP address in one single system. The vast capacity and flexibility allows easy system expansion beyond conventional system coverage.

What is more, the single management & operation software allows user to make instant broadcast and scheduled announcement through one single computer work station which covers most wanted function in school application.

IP-100XI Amplifier Network Module

IP-100XI allows amplifiers to extend the network function.

IP-1000AF Compact Audio Interface Unit

This IP-1000AF is designed to be mounted to different surfaces. It is able to act as both input and output units in the network system. The device can also receive messages from server and other devices for initiating broadcast. It also supports using browser to change the device setting.


NX-300W Network Audio Adapter

The TOA NX-300 is a network audio adapter that utilizes packet audio technology.

NX-100S Network Audio Adapter (Standard Version excludes PSU)

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NX-100 Network Audio Adapter

The NX-100S Network Audio Adapter can transmit high-quality audio signals and such control data as control input data over IP networks, such as LAN or Internet, in real time. It is especially useful when transmitting audio signals to remote locations, as Internet use keeps running costs lower than the use of dedicated lines. With the use of an optional rack mounting bracket, it can be mounted in an EIA Standard rack