TOA's Pro Audio equipment creates a rich and full sound, using the latest technology advances whilst keeping designs sleek, fitting in to the most complicated of spaces. 

TOA offers audio equipment on par with the strictest standards of audio professionals with a full product line-up including DSP mixers, digital amplifiers and a full portfolio of loudspeakers including line array and the latest in beam steering technology
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F-605WP-L 2-Way Weatherproof Speakers (Discontinued)

  • Sealed-type enclosure with high-power 30cm (12″) woofer, plus constant directivity horn with high-efficiency driver.
  • 8 Ω.
  • Uniform CD horn dispersion pattern of 60° horizontal by 40° vertical.
  • Power handling capacity is 120W (continuous pink noise).
  • Low-foam polypropylene enclosure for high-quality acoustic response.
  • High efficiency and easy installation in outdoor and humid indoor installations (In compliance with IP-X4).
  • Built-in overload protection circuitry.

F-2352C 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352C is a standard 2-way ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone for applications requiring a full range frequency response with a recommended range of two to four metres.

F-2852C High Power 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (16cm Cone)

The F-2852C is a high power 60W 2-way wide range ceiling speaker designed for higher power applications with higher ceilings, in the range of three to six metres.

F-122C Equalizing Controlled Type 30W Full Range Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-122C is a 30W full range ceiling speaker optimized for use with the optional Ac-120 Electronic Controller to deliver the highest quality audio in ceiling mounted speakers as well as to tailor speaker response to suit specific installation requirements.

F-2352SC Low Output Ceiling speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352SC is a 6W 2 way wide range ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone. The F-2352SC is perfect for low power use with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres.

F-2322C 30W Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2322C is a cost effective 30W full range speaker with a 12cm cone ideal for most ceiling sound requirements with a recommended range of two to four metres.

F-1522SC Low Output Ceiling Speaker (10cm Cone)

The F-1522SC is a 6W full range ceiling speaker with a 10cm cone with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres. Its special compact model has been designed specifically for low output applications.

SV-200MA Surveillance Board

The SV-200MA Surveillance Board consists of an SV-200M board and an SV extension board to be used in combination. Installing the SV-200MA board inside the VM-2120 or VM-2240 amplifier adds the following functions to the VM amplifier’s functions.


BS-301 Compact Satellite Speaker System, 4 x satellites plus 1 x Sub

BS-301 Compact Satellite Speaker System produces incredible acoustic quality of sound from its small a discreet size, in any commercial spaces, restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.


SR-TP8 Tilt Joint Bracket

The SR-TP8 Tilt Joint Bracket is designed to tilt the line array speaker in the lowermost position downward when stacked. It comes in a set of 2 brackets.