TOA Loudspeakers, suitable for all types of applications

TOA has a wide and varied range to suit all types of applications including voice alarm, back ground music and speech.
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SC-651 50 Watt Paging Horn Speaker (16 Ω Low Impedance)

The SC-651 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications.


SC-615 15 Watt Paging Horn Speaker

The SC-615 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications.


SC-630 30 Watt Paging Horn Speaker

The SC-630 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications.


PJ-100/200W Projection Speaker

  • Nominal 10/20W Input
  • Wide Range Projections Speaker.
  • 65 ~ 15,000Hz

PC-5CL Clean Room Ceiling Speaker (8cm Cone)

The PC-5CL is a full range clean room ceiling speaker with sealed rear chamber and high molecular substance speaker vibration section to prevent floating dust particles from contaminating medical, chemical or IC/photo film productions.


PC-2668 Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker

The PC-2668 is a surface mounted speaker for use when flush mounting is impossible.


H-3 2-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System

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H-3 2-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System

  • Attractive and compact design permits bracketless direct wall standard gang-box installation at above head-height.
  • Controlled 180° coverage pattern eliminates between-speaker audio dead spaces.
  • Powerful TOA-designed neodymium magnet cone driver, plus tweeter.
  • Built-in steep-slope crossover circuitry ensures smooth dispersion pattern and audio response.
  • Transformer included to allow both high- and low-impedance operation.
  • Paintable grilles enhance interior decor.
  • Fire resistant ABS (UL Standard 94: V-0 Grade) enclosure

CS-Music Horn Music Horn

  • Highly intelligible: suited to voice alarm, public address and BGM application by 2-way system.
  • Certified to EN 54-24, ISO 7240-24 and compliant with BS 5839-8.
  • All weather durability, water and dust protection to IP 66.
  • Impedance change available by tapping changing located inside the terminal cover.

TH-660 Reflex Horn Speaker

  • External stainless steel hardware (screws, bolts, nuts), and powder-coated horn and bracket ensure superb weatherproofing and corrosion-resistance.
  • Shock-resistant aluminum round horn.
  • Unobtrusive two-tone colors (off-white color corresponding to RAL 9010:horn, and gray corresponding to RAL7042: bracket) help speakers blend in with surroundings.

H-1 2-Way Flush-Mount Speaker System

  • The rotatable cylinder enclosure with smooth curved surface blends in with modern building interior.
  • Powerful sound reproduction with the woofer (8 x 5cm) using a magnetic (neodymium) circuit.
  • Transient response of clear high frequencies ensured by the 1″ balanced dome tweeter with ferro-fluid.
  • Built-in crossover network circuitry suppresses unwanted signals and realizes uniform energy radiation.
  • Optimized for quick and simple installation.
  • Adjustable mounting angle of ±45°.
  • Built-in transformer for both high and low impedance applications.
  • Detachable screw terminals for quick connection/disconnection and Dual positive/ negative terminals for bridge connections.
  • Fire resistant ABS (UL Standard 94: V-0 Grade) enclosure
  • Specially selected external parts for easy refinishing and repainting, matching interior color and design.