TOA Loudspeakers, suitable for all types of applications

TOA has a wide and varied range to suit all types of applications including voice alarm, background music and speech.
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GS-302 Garden Speaker

  • Stylish, attractively designed outdoor speaker
  • Blends well into the suroundings of various locations
  • Highly reliable performance
  • Fully satisfies the IPX4 requirements
  • Ideal for paging and Back Ground Music

ZM-104A Impedance Meter

The ZM-104A Impedance Meter can measure the impedance of speaker lines easily in the same manner as a circuit tester measures resistance.

SC-610m Paging Horn Speaker

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SC-610 10 Watt Paging Horn Speaker

  • 10W Input
  • High-impedance (70V/100V lines).
  • Stainless steel brackets and hardware.
  • Shock resistant aluminium oval horn.
  • Unobtrusive off-white colour.
  • Compliance with IP-65.

PC-3CL 3W, for Clean Rooms and Steam / Sauna Room

The PC-3CL is a completely-sealed, flush-mounted ceiling speaker made up of a high power handling, splash-proof, small full-range speaker employing a plastic film diaphragm.

PC-3WR 3W Ceiling Speaker For Shower Rooms and Indoor Pool

The TOA PC-3WR is a completely-sealed, flush-mounted ceiling speaker employing a high power handling, splash-proof, small full-range speaker.

HB-1 Wall/Ceiling Mount Subwoofer Speaker System

  • High-power 8″ woofer with 110mm ferrite magnet and aluminum bobbin.
  • Acoustic super-woofer with acoustical bandpass filtering construction.
  • Thin-wall metal frame, with large interior volume for excellent low-frequency audio response, plus efficient heat dispersion.
  • Installs Between standard studs on 16 inches centers.
  • TOA designed brackets allow simplified “blind” flush mounting in wall or ceiling.

H-2 2-Way Surface-Mount Speaker System

  • Powerful sound reproduction with the woofer (10cm) using a magnetic (neodymium) circuit.
  • Transient response of clear high frequenciesensured by the 1″ balanced dome tweeter with ferro-fluid.
  • Built-in crossover network circuitry suppresses unwanted signals and realizes uniform energy radiation.
  • Optimized for quick and simple installation.
  • The speaker’s round mounting base allows installation at any mounting angle.
  • Built-in transformer for both high and low impedance applications.
  • Detachable screw terminals for quick connection/disconnection and Dual positive/negative terminals for bridge connections.
  • Fire resistant ABS (UL Standard 94: V-0 Grade) enclosure
  • Specially selected external parts for easy refinishing and repainting, matching interior color and design.

H-3 2-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System

  • Attractive and compact design permits bracketless direct wall standard gang-box installation at above head-height.
  • Controlled 180° coverage pattern eliminates between-speaker audio dead spaces.
  • Powerful TOA-designed neodymium magnet cone driver, plus tweeter.
  • Built-in steep-slope crossover circuitry ensures smooth dispersion pattern and audio response.
  • Transformer included to allow both high- and low-impedance operation.
  • Paintable grilles enhance interior decor.
  • Fire resistant ABS (UL Standard 94: V-0 Grade) enclosure

F-2352C 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352C is a standard 2-way ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone for applications requiring a full range frequency response with a recommended range of two to four metres.

F-2852C High Power 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (16cm Cone)

The F-2852C is a high power 60W 2-way wide range ceiling speaker designed for higher power applications with higher ceilings, in the range of three to six metres.