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PM-660 Microphone, Paging, Desktop

EC-100M Microphone, Chime

  • Unidirectional dynamic microphone with built-in electronic chime unit.
  • Generates 2 series of 4 notes – from low to high – before an announcemt and vice versa afterwards.
  • 2 push buttons for easy operation.

ST-73A Microphone Stand for DM-524B and DM-524S

Desktop microphone stand for gooseneck microphones DM-524B and DM-524S


ST-800 Microphone Stand For EM-800

The ST-800 is a desk-top microphone stand base designed for exclusive use with the EM-800 Gooseneck Microphone.

PM-222 Microphone, Paging, Unidirectional

The PM-222 is a close-talking microphone for making general announcements. lt comes with a talk switch that can be locked. It is provided with the function to remotely control both the amplifier power and chime operation.


AM-1 Real-time steering array microphone

Placed flat and unobstrusively on the podium, the real-time steering array microphone tracks your voice and captures it clearly and uniformly.

Equipped with a built-in sensor, the microphone detects sound sources and steers its beam angle automatically in real-time to focus on that source.


EM-700 Boundary Microphone

The EM-700 is a low-profile, high-quality, cardioid condenser microphone suitable for installation on a lecture desk or table top in a conference room. It features optimum acoustic characteristics for sound pick-up applications when placed on a flat surface, realizing pure, natural sound quality.

EM-600 Flush-Mount Boundary Microphone

• Ideal for conference room recording and security monitoring.
• Electret condenser microphone element with omnidirectional pattern for comprehensive pickup.
• Unobtrusive design allows easy flush-mounting in walls, ceilings, and desktops.
• Optimized to deliver best performance when used on a desk or attached to a ceiling.
• Two rubber isolation rings are provided as an accessory serving to reduce vibration.
• Wide frequency range of 30 – 20 kHz provides wellbalanced sound with clarity and a satisfying tonal response.
• Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility.

EM-800 Gooseneck Microphone

• Ideal for such speech applications as meetings, lectures, and religious services.
• Electret condenser microphone element with cardioid pattern for focused pickup.
• Excellent high-frequency response of 60 – 20k Hz delivers clear output even through a PA system.
• High sensitivity (–35dB) provides a satisfying tonal response.
• Gooseneck with two adjustment points allows more flexible microphone positioning angles.
• Rejection of undesirable off-axis sound minimizes possible feedback.
• Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility

Picture shows EM-800 with optional stand ST-800

EM-410 Lavalière Microphone

  • Ideal for voice-oriented applications such as lectures, presentations and religious services.
  • Compact electret condenser microphone element with hypercardioid pattern for highly focused pickup.
  • Designed for best performance when attached to the chest area.
  • The cable holder minimizes noise from cable and clothes rustling.
  • Capsule rotates 360 degrees, for optimal pickup even when worn on a lapel.
  • Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility.

VR-1001B Paging Microphone

  • Designed for V-1000 Series microphone pre-amps and chime modules.
  • Press to talk switch.
  • Chime and speech lamps provided.
  • Two 5-pin DIN plugs for connection to microphone amps and chime modules.

RU-2001 Amplifier Control Unit

  • Amplifier control unit for 5 pin DIN plug remote switch type paging microphone (PM-660D).
  • Desktop or wall (standard bracket) mounting.
  • Outputs remote control signals for main amplifier power ON / OFF, and for initiating all-call paging.
  • Microphone volume control and talk ON indicator.
  • Power supplied by locally avalailable AC adaptor.