EN54 24 Speakers

PC-1867FC EN 54-24 Ceiling Mount Speaker (12cm Cone)

TOA’s PC-1867FC is a 12cm Ceiling Mount Speaker which features an iron fire dome construction that prevents damage to the speaker from objects falling from above.


BS-250AB-EB Wall Mount Speaker

EN-54 and BS 5839 Part 8 certified wall mount speaker for indoor applications


PC-245AB Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker with Firedome

EN 54-24 and BS 5839 Part 8 certified flush mount ceiling speaker with firedome


PC-275AB-EB Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker

EN54-24 and BS 5839 Part 8 certified surface mount ceiling speaker

CS-Music Horn Music Horn

  • Highly intelligible: suited to voice alarm, public address and BGM application by 2-way system.
  • Certified to EN 54-24, ISO 7240-24 and compliant with BS 5839-8.
  • All weather durability, water and dust protection to IP 66.
  • Impedance change available by tapping changing located inside the terminal cover.

PJ-202DL-EB Bidirectional Sound Projector Speaker – EN54

  • Bidirectional Sound Projector Speaker
  • For indoor and outdoor applications
  • 2 x 5“ cone speaker + HC
  • Ceramic Screw Terminal
  • Rugged bracket included
  • Aluminium alloy cabinet and grille
  • Water proof according IP 66
  • Extreme wide temperature range: -25°C to +70°C
  • EN 54-24 certied + BS 5839 Part 8
TOA SC-630

SC-630M EB-Q VES Horn Loudspeaker

The industry standard horn loudspeaker is now certified for voice evacuation systems and complies to European Standard EN 54 24:2008

Certification No. 1438/CPD/0280

PE-154EN EN-54 Pendant Speaker

Special design to blend with lighting equipment
Rugged HIPS resin enclosure
Excellent sound quality
Suitable forSupermarket, shopping mall, lobby, rooms without suspended ceilings

BS-1015BSW EN-54 Certified Wall Mount Speaker

EN 54 certified wall mount speaker. 2-Way Design Speaker available in black or white for wall mounting and offers optimised performance to
deliver speech clarity and excellent music reproduction

BS-678BSB EN 54 Certified Box Speaker

The EN 54-24 certified BS-678BSB, is made of wood and can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Either concealed in-wall wiring or exposed wiring can be used for speaker cable connection. The speaker structure that permits direct wall-mounting with screws prevents the speaker from falling easily even if an outward force is applied to. The input impedance can be easily changed by changing the tap position of the transformer. Two built-in 6-inch double cone speaker units deliver high quality sound. The push-in type input connector makes cable connections easy and allows bridge wiring. BS-678B have a built-in attenuator and can be connected to a 2-wire or 3-wire system.

BS-1034EN EN54 White Design Speaker

The BS-1034EN is a voice alarm certification product. 2 way speaker system is suitable for announcement and music, running in a wide frequency range. Speaker design that harmonizes with the venue’s achitecture and decor. The speaker enclosures’s design proportions are based on the Golden Ratio.
The BS-1034EN is a wall-mount speaker matched with a supplied plug-in speaker receptacle, for easy installation.
A M4 screw terminal input connector allows easy connections.