Gooseneck Microphones


ST-73A Microphone Stand for DM-524B and DM-524S

Desktop microphone stand for gooseneck microphones DM-524B and DM-524S

EM-800 Gooseneck Microphone

• Ideal for such speech applications as meetings, lectures, and religious services.
• Electret condenser microphone element with cardioid pattern for focused pickup.
• Excellent high-frequency response of 60 – 20k Hz delivers clear output even through a PA system.
• High sensitivity (–35dB) provides a satisfying tonal response.
• Gooseneck with two adjustment points allows more flexible microphone positioning angles.
• Rejection of undesirable off-axis sound minimizes possible feedback.
• Phantom power range of 9 to 52 volts enhances operational versatility

Picture shows EM-800 with optional stand ST-800

DM-524B Microphone, Stand Mount, Lo-Z, Gooseneck

DM-524S Microphone, Stand Mount, Lo-Z, Gooseneck with Switch