Pro-Audio Ceiling Speakers
TOA introduces a new range of ceiling-mounted speakers that have been designed and engineered to overcome limiting factors that have been associated with conventional ceiling-mount speakers. Most noticeable has always been the high-frequency roll-off that resulted from limited speaker dispersion characteristics. TOA’s new ceiling speaker range provides well-balanced audio reproduction without treble attenuation over an expanded listening area thanks to the extra-wide dispersion characteristics that are part of the overall speaker design. Perceived speaker directionality and beaming tendencies are minimized, resulting in a natural, well-balanced sound over a wide area at all levels. Conventional speakers exhibit high frequency roll-off characteristics as the distance between speaker and listener increases. However TOA believes that an ideal ceiling-mounted speaker’s response characteristics should include wide dispersion and non-frequency dependent directionality and this new ceiling speaker series proves that.


F-2352C 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352C is a standard 2-way ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone for applications requiring a full range frequency response with a recommended range of two to four metres.


F-2852C High Power 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (16cm Cone)

The F-2852C is a high power 60W 2-way wide range ceiling speaker designed for higher power applications with higher ceilings, in the range of three to six metres.


F-122C Equalizing Controlled Type 30W Full Range Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-122C is a 30W full range ceiling speaker optimized for use with the optional Ac-120 Electronic Controller to deliver the highest quality audio in ceiling mounted speakers as well as to tailor speaker response to suit specific installation requirements.


F-2352SC Low Output Ceiling speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352SC is a 6W 2 way wide range ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone. The F-2352SC is perfect for low power use with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres.


F-2322C 30W Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2322C is a cost effective 30W full range speaker with a 12cm cone ideal for most ceiling sound requirements with a recommended range of two to four metres.


F-1522SC Low Output Ceiling Speaker (10cm Cone)

The F-1522SC is a 6W full range ceiling speaker with a 10cm cone with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres. Its special compact model has been designed specifically for low output applications.