FB-150 Subwoofer

The FB-150 is a compact, indoor-use subwoofer system employing a high-power 38 cm (15″) woofer. It is designed for use in conjunction with TOA’s HX-7W or other full range speakers, and is particularly ideal for reproducing dynamic low-frequency sound for both permanent and temporary installations.

FB-120 Subwoofer

Subwoofer module for augmenting low frequency response.

SR-C15BWP Line Array Speaker

The SR-C15BWP Sub-woofer system is designed to be used in conjunction with the SR-C8LWP or SR-C8SWP Line Array Speaker.

HB-1 Wall/Ceiling Mount Subwoofer Speaker System

  • High-power 8″ woofer with 110mm ferrite magnet and aluminum bobbin.
  • Acoustic super-woofer with acoustical bandpass filtering construction.
  • Thin-wall metal frame, with large interior volume for excellent low-frequency audio response, plus efficient heat dispersion.
  • Installs Between standard studs on 16 inches centers.
  • TOA designed brackets allow simplified “blind” flush mounting in wall or ceiling.

FB-100 Super-Woofer Speaker System

  • 450W High-power sub-woofer system with 25cm speaker.
  • Large 120mm diameter ferrite magnet, long 50mm voice coil, aluminum bobbin, non-pressed paper cone and large-diameter damper permit trouble free low-frequency sound generation at high power input and with extensive voice coil movement.
  • Acoustic Super-Woofer system enclosure acts as acoustic band-pass filter to reproduce infrasonic frequencies of up to 35Hz, or to achieve slow-slope phase characteristics.
  • Optional MT-S0601 transformer permits conversion to high-impedance operation.
  • Urethane-painted MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) enclosure can be easily repainted.
  • Six side-positioned external mounting screws facilitate cable suspended installation.
  • Removable top panel simplifies post-installation maintenance.

FB-10 Subwoofer Speaker System

  • Port radiation enclosure.
  • 16cm (6.3″) cone speaker.
  • 60W (40Hz – 20kHz)/20W (40Hz – 100Hz) pink noise.
  • Freestanding floor unit with decorator touch.