Remote Microphones

RM-210S Remote Microphone Extension Unit

The RM-210 is an extension unit for increasing the number of function keys of TOA’s RM-200M, RM-200XF and RM-200X Remote Microphones.

RM-200SF Fireman`s Microphone

The RM-200SF is a Fireman’s Microphone of the matrix system. It is equipped with an Emergency key, permitting it to be used as a remote microphone for emergency broadcast. Zone selection and microphone announcement can be made at the time of emergency broadcast. It offers a surveillance function to detect failures including microphone element failure. The RM-200SF has three function keys that can be set as individual or group selection keys, and each key is linked with the corresponding two indicators. Connecting the optional RM-210 Extension units to the RM-200SF expands the number of function keys and indicators in blocks of ten.

RM-200SA Remote Microphone

The RM-200SA is a remote microphone designed for TOA’s SX-2000 Series Matrix System. It is equipped with: 13 function switches (which can be used to select individual zones or zone groups), a covered switch, and corresponding indicators.