Power Supply

VX-2000PF EN 54-4 Power Supply Frame

The VX-2000PF permits the VX-2000PS Power Supply Unit to be mounted in an equipment rack. Up to three VX-200PS units can be installed in the unit.

VX-200PS EN 54-4 Power Supply Unit

The VX-200PS Power Supply Unit is mounted in the VX-2000PF Power Supply Frame when in use. There are 2 DC output channels per unit. Use the VX-200PS in the number suited to the required total system power.

VX-2000DS EN 54-4 Emergency Power Supply Unit

Emergency Power Supply Unit The VX-2000DS Emergency Power Supply Unit supplies the DC power to each equipment in the VX-2000 system by connecting the VX-200PS Power Supply Unit. It keeps the battery unit that contains 2 × 12 V sealed lead batteries charged compensating for the temperature of the battery charging voltage. When the DC power supply from the VX-200PS stops, the VX-2000DS is automatically switched to the backup battery. The VX-2000DS is certified with EN 54-4.