VX-2000 Series
The most important factor in any emergency system is total reliability.

TOA brings its accumulated expertise in producing public address and surveillance systems that are absolutely relied on in numerous installations around the world.

Fully compliant with EN54 and BS5839 part 8 standards allowing for use in the most demanding environments. T

The VX-2000 outstanding features include sophisticated failure detection measures that constantly check components and speaker lines for any faults or abnormalities. These are brought to the notice of concerned personnel via indicators and buzzers.

The VX-2000 has been designed to offer a very high level of versatility allowing its use in various environments and it features a scalable architecture that can be easily expanded as requirements dictate.

A fully modular configuration facilitates assembling a system that is ideally optimised for a particular application with specific modules.

The VX-2000 offers a high-performance cost-effective solution to any environments voice evacuation and public address requirements.

The VX-2000 system can be configured to accept a maximum of 8 input slots for various input source modules, up to 8 remote microphones including 4 Fireman’s Microphones, 2 voice-announcement boards as well as a built-in announcement chime. Up to 80 output zones with A/B wiring.
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VX-2000 System Manager

The VX-2000 System Manager has been designed and built to meet British and European standards: BS5839 part 8 and EN 60849. The VX-2000 is an input matrix unit that assigns input signals to 4 audio buses, and functions as the VX-2000 system’s main controller.

A total of up to 8 units of the VX-200XI, VX-200XR, and 900 Series input modules can be mounted in a System Manager.
The VX-2000 can control audio signal routing, priorities, and peripheral equipment, while input and output control settings are performed by way of a PC.

Up to 2,000 system events and failures can also be recorded, and the log can be viewed from a PC.


VX-3150DS VX-3150DS

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VX-3000DS Power Supply for VX-3000 Series

The VX-3150DS is the power supply for the VX-3000 Series


VX-3000DS Power Supply for VX-3000 Series

The VX-3000DS is the power supply for the VX-3000 Series

RM-210S Remote Microphone Extension Unit

The RM-210 is an extension unit for increasing the number of function keys of TOA’s RM-200M, RM-200XF and RM-200X Remote Microphones.

U-03R Unbalanced Line Input with RCA connectors

For unbalanced, line level equipment such as AM/FM tuners, tape decks and CD players. Including Gain Control and high/low cut filters.

VX-2000PF EN 54-4 Power Supply Frame

The VX-2000PF permits the VX-2000PS Power Supply Unit to be mounted in an equipment rack. Up to three VX-200PS units can be installed in the unit.

VX-200PS EN 54-4 Power Supply Unit

The VX-200PS Power Supply Unit is mounted in the VX-2000PF Power Supply Frame when in use. There are 2 DC output channels per unit. Use the VX-200PS in the number suited to the required total system power.

VX-2000DS EN 54-4 Emergency Power Supply Unit

Emergency Power Supply Unit The VX-2000DS Emergency Power Supply Unit supplies the DC power to each equipment in the VX-2000 system by connecting the VX-200PS Power Supply Unit. It keeps the battery unit that contains 2 × 12 V sealed lead batteries charged compensating for the temperature of the battery charging voltage. When the DC power supply from the VX-200PS stops, the VX-2000DS is automatically switched to the backup battery. The VX-2000DS is certified with EN 54-4.

VP-2421 Power Amplifier

VP-2421 (420 W-by-1 channel)
Power Amplifier uses the VP-200VX or VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module per channel.

VP-2122 Power Amplifier

VP-2122 (120 W-by-2 channel)
Power Amplifier uses the VP-200VX or VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module per channel.

VP-2241 Power Amplifier

VP-2241 (240 W-by-1 channel)
Power Amplifier uses the VP-200VX or VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module per channel.