Remote Microphones

RM-210S Remote Microphone Extension Unit

The RM-210 is an extension unit for increasing the number of function keys of TOA’s RM-200M, RM-200XF and RM-200X Remote Microphones.

WB-RM200 Wall Mounting Bracket

The WB-RM200 is to mount RM-200X, RM-200M and RM-210 on the wall.

RM-200XF Fireman’s Microphone for VX-2000

A dedicated microphone for the VX-2000 system that fulfills the requirements of British and European standards:BS5839 part 8, EN60849 and IEC60849. The RM-200XF is designed to be exclusively used for emergency broadcast, however it can be used for general purpose broadcast applications as well.

RM-200X Remote Microphone

The RM-200X is a dedicated unit for the VX-2000 system, and permits emergency broadcast as well as general-purpose broadcast. VX-200SO