Music Horn
This music horn speaker is comprised of a high-efficiency weather-resistant horn and a high quality sound cone speaker, providing excellent speech and BGM clarity. It features ABS resin enclosure and stainless steel bracket for all weather durability.

The speaker is certified to the European Standard EN 54-24: 2008 and International Standard ISO 7240-24: 2010, and is compliant with the British Standard BS 5839-8: 2008.

CS-Music Horn Music Horn

  • Highly intelligible: suited to voice alarm, public address and BGM application by 2-way system.
  • Certified to EN 54-24, ISO 7240-24 and compliant with BS 5839-8.
  • All weather durability, water and dust protection to IP 66.
  • Impedance change available by tapping changing located inside the terminal cover.