At TOA our goal is to create systems that faithfully render the sound messages painstakingly crafted by artists and engineers.

Through an array of electronic audio systems, we pursue the creation of excellence in sound.

In the search for great sound, we seek to deliver maximum performance through the development of the finest hardware and software. These two elements underpin TOA's creation of the new value in sound and the ideal sound environment.
Products in 'Products'

BS-P678IP1 IP-Powered Speaker

The BS-P678IP1, can override and incorporate with local PA system without affecting the central broadcast. The local line input of IP powered speaker allow the speaker to broadcast messages from both network and local input with different priorities, ideal for classroom applications.

IP-100RM IP-Remote Microphone

The remote microphone, holds up to 9 sets of RM-110, all connections can be linked. It is expandable to up to 105 function keys. The IR-100RM is a network remote microphone. It can be used for general broadcast and emergency broadcast. The microphone can receive messages from server or other devices. It can also distribute these messages to select a zone or all zones.

IP-1000CI Network Control Input Unit

The Ip-1000CI receives alarm signal from fire centre and trigger to broadcast warning announcement.

AX-0120 Compact Amplifier

The AX-0240 can be placed on desktop, wall mounted or rack mounted occupying 1 unit space. The input and output terminals use removable plug which allow easy wire connection. It is also light weight, compact and high efficient design. It’s capable to extent network function by applying the amplifier network module IP-100XI.

IP-100XI Amplifier Network Module

IP-100XI allows amplifiers to extend the network function.

IP-1000AF Compact Audio Interface Unit

This IP-1000AF is designed to be mounted to different surfaces. It is able to act as both input and output units in the network system. The device can also receive messages from server and other devices for initiating broadcast. It also supports using browser to change the device setting.


MB-S4RX-5-EB Rack Mount Panel for S4.10 Receiver

This kit will enable you to mount 1 S4.10 receiver in a 1U 19″ rack space.


MA-725F Matrix Amplifier

The MA-725F matrix amplifier is an all in one solution for multi channel or multi zone applications combining a 6×4 audio matrix, DSP and 4ch Class-D amplifier in to one chassis.


S4.10L-GD4-RACK-4W S4.10 Rack System (Channel 70)

S4.10 Rack ‘n’ Ready system with ADU, PSU and Flight Case