At TOA our goal is to create systems that faithfully render the sound messages painstakingly crafted by artist and engineers.
Through an array of electronic audio systems, we pursue the creation of excellence in sound.
In the search for great sound, we seek to deliver maximum performance through the development of the finest hardware and software. These two elements underpin TOA's creation of the new value in sound and the ideal sound environment.
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F-2352C 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352C is a standard 2-way ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone for applications requiring a full range frequency response with a recommended range of two to four metres.

F-2852C High Power 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (16cm Cone)

The F-2852C is a high power 60W 2-way wide range ceiling speaker designed for higher power applications with higher ceilings, in the range of three to six metres.

F-122C Equalizing Controlled Type 30W Full Range Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-122C is a 30W full range ceiling speaker optimized for use with the optional Ac-120 Electronic Controller to deliver the highest quality audio in ceiling mounted speakers as well as to tailor speaker response to suit specific installation requirements.

F-2352SC Low Output Ceiling speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2352SC is a 6W 2 way wide range ceiling speaker with a 12cm cone. The F-2352SC is perfect for low power use with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres.

F-2322C 30W Ceiling Speaker (12cm Cone)

The F-2322C is a cost effective 30W full range speaker with a 12cm cone ideal for most ceiling sound requirements with a recommended range of two to four metres.

F-1522SC Low Output Ceiling Speaker (10cm Cone)

The F-1522SC is a 6W full range ceiling speaker with a 10cm cone with a recommended ceiling height of 2-4 metres. Its special compact model has been designed specifically for low output applications.

SV-200MA Surveillance Board

The SV-200MA Surveillance Board consists of an SV-200M board and an SV extension board to be used in combination. Installing the SV-200MA board inside the VM-2120 or VM-2240 amplifier adds the following functions to the VM amplifier’s functions.


EV-200M Voice Announcement Board

The EV-200M is playback-only Voice Announcing board to play back the messages recorded on TOA’s EV-350R.The EV-200M is designed to built in the VM-2000 series amplifiers.

VM-2240 System Management Amplifier 240 W

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VM-2000 VM-2000 System

The VM-2240 is a multifunctional amplifier that can be mounted in an EIA-Standard equipment rack (3-unit size). The unit comes with 4 audio inputs including the background music input, and the speaker output section which has an internal attenuator and 5-zone selector.

P-1812 Booster Amplifier

  • When additional power amplification is required to power more speakers in a system, the TOA P-1812 Booster Amplifier can be connected to an A-1800 Series amplifier’s line out which provides an optimal level and impedance to efficiently drive the P-1812.
  • Switchable input levels
  • To interface properly with different equipment, input sensitivity can be switched between –10dB and 0dB.
  • Emergency control
  • On the back panel of amplifier is a remote-in terminal for emergency control which sets the default output level for the emergency input.