At TOA our goal is to create systems that faithfully render the sound messages painstakingly crafted by artists and engineers.

Through an array of electronic audio systems, we pursue the creation of excellence in sound.

In the search for great sound, we seek to deliver maximum performance through the development of the finest hardware and software. These two elements underpin TOA's creation of the new value in sound and the ideal sound environment.
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RU-2002 Amplifier Control Unit with Signal

  • Amplifier control unit for 5 pin DIN plug remote switch type paging microphone (PM-660D).
  • Desktop or wall (standard bracket) mounting.
  • Outputs remote control signals for main amplifier power ON / OFF, and for initiating all-call paging.
  • Microphone volume control and talk ON indicator.
  • Activates selectable 4-tone, 2-tone and single tone chimes, plus gong, when paging remote microphone’s talk switch is pressed.
  • Power supplied by locally avalailable AC adaptor.

PM-306D Microphone, Paging, Omnidirectional

PM-120 Unidirectional Paging Microphone

DM-524B Microphone, Stand Mount, Lo-Z, Gooseneck

DM-524S Microphone, Stand Mount, Lo-Z, Gooseneck with Switch

DM-1300 Microphone, Unidirectional

DM-1500 Unidirectional Microphone

DM-1200 Microphone, Unidirectional

DM-1200D Microphone, Unidirectional

DM-1100 Microphone, Unidirectional