At TOA our goal is to create systems that faithfully render the sound messages painstakingly crafted by artists and engineers.

Through an array of electronic audio systems, we pursue the creation of excellence in sound.

In the search for great sound, we seek to deliver maximum performance through the development of the finest hardware and software. These two elements underpin TOA's creation of the new value in sound and the ideal sound environment.
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YS-13A Wall Mount Back Box

VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module with Program Input

The VP-200VX-BGM Power Amplifier Input Module is designed to be used in conjunction with theVP-2064, VP-2122, VP-2241 or VP-2421 power amplifier.
The input module is designed to mix the Audio signal of the VX-2000 system with an Audio signal of an external input. The latter can be muted by a control input, and supports a balanced mono or unbalanced stereo Audio signal. Its level can be adjusted. All surveillance functions of the VX-2000 system will be supported.

YP-M101 Tie Clip Microphone

Tie clip microphone

RN-032 Remote I/O Board

  • Nonpolar 2-wire system I/O board for transmitting 32 each of control inputs and outputs between remotely installed boards.
  • For creating custom-made remote microphones.
  • One RN-032 can control 20 group selection keys and busy indicators.
  • Power source of 24V DC and operating) range of 16-33VDC.