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We Supply Sound, Not equipment. That's our corporate philosophy

Since being founded in 1934 as a manufacturer of commercial and professional audio equipment, TOA has grown to become one of the world's largest suppliers of commercial Public Address equipment, in the process becoming synonymous within the industry.

We are constantly improving our technological capabilities in areas such as acoustics, graphics and networking, developing innovative products in order to provide our customers with the ultimate in sound performance and peace of mind.
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SC-615 15 Watt Paging Horn Speaker

The SC-615 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications.

SC-630 30 Watt Paging Horn Speaker

The SC-630 is a compact, highly intelligible speaker suited to public address announcement applications.

PM-222 Microphone, Paging, Unidirectional

The PM-222 is a close-talking microphone for making general announcements. lt comes with a talk switch that can be locked. It is provided with the function to remotely control both the amplifier power and chime operation.

PJ-100/200W Projection Speaker

  • Nominal 10/20W Input
  • Wide Range Projections Speaker.
  • 65 ~ 15,000Hz

PC-5CL Clean Room Ceiling Speaker (8cm Cone)

The PC-5CL is a full range clean room ceiling speaker with sealed rear chamber and high molecular substance speaker vibration section to prevent floating dust particles from contaminating medical, chemical or IC/photo film productions.


PC-2668 Surface Mount Ceiling Speaker

The PC-2668 is a surface mounted speaker for use when flush mounting is impossible.


MP-1216 Multi-Channel Monitor

The signal level meter allows simultaneous monitor of 16 channels per unit. Any of the high-impedance speaker line output, low-impedance speaker line output, and line level output can be monitored by connecting it to the corresponding input.


EV-700 Digital Announcer

EV-700 Digital announcing machine capable of recording/playback. It is ideal for periodical, attention calling and broadcast used in commercial and public facilities.


H-3 2-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System

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H-3 2-Way Wall-Mount Speaker System

  • Attractive and compact design permits bracketless direct wall standard gang-box installation at above head-height.
  • Controlled 180° coverage pattern eliminates between-speaker audio dead spaces.
  • Powerful TOA-designed neodymium magnet cone driver, plus tweeter.
  • Built-in steep-slope crossover circuitry ensures smooth dispersion pattern and audio response.
  • Transformer included to allow both high- and low-impedance operation.
  • Paintable grilles enhance interior decor.
  • Fire resistant ABS (UL Standard 94: V-0 Grade) enclosure

DA-250 Dual Digital Amplifier

The DA-250D is a 2-Channel Digital Power Amplifier featuring lightweight, compact, high power output, and high efficiency. Each channel is equipped with an independent power section. It can be mounted in an EIA Standard equipment rack (1 unit size).