At TOA we have a sense of pride when it come to the quality and durability of our products. However, sometimes, spare parts are required and below are a small selection of the most popular parts
Products in 'Spare Parts'

D080301230 Case Antenna for S5-HDX

Case Antenna for S5-HDX

1210182380 Switch Knob for WM-1210

Switch Knob for WM-1210

1080505210 Microphone Holder for WM-3210/WM-3220

Microphone Holder for WM-3210/WM-3220

1080408270 Windscreen for TS-903

Windscreen for TS-903

1210399870 Panel Operation for WM-5320

Panel Operation for WM-5320

1210187330 Main Volume Knob for A-1724

Main Volume Knob for A-1724

1210383400 WM-1210 Control Panel

WM-1210 Control Panel

D08020195A Battery Case for WS-300

Battery Case for WS-300

1080213050 Switch Panel for WM-4200

Switch Panel for WM-4200

1080307090 Switch Panel for the WM-4210

Switch Panel for the WM-4210