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For nearly thirty years Trantec have specialised in producing high quality wireless microphones, beltpacks and in ear monitors.

Now owned by TOA, Trantec continues to advance by investing in our own research and development to ensure that our product range maintains its innovative, market leading position.

Our wide product range, as well as versatile accessories ensures that we can cater for the most challenging audio demands, at almost any budget within the broadcast, film, music, school, house of worship and theatre industries.
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Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)
Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc


MIC-SJEM77-P EM-77 Earworn Hi Q Microphone – Beige

The MIC-SJEM77 is a high quality single ear microphone with a Mini Jack connector for use with the S4.04 and S4.10 Series Beltpacks.


MIC-XEM77-P EM-77 Earworn Hi-Q Microphone – Beige

The MIC-XEM77-P is a high quality single ear microphone with a Mini XLR Connector for use with the S5.3 and S5.5 Series Beltpacks.

S5.5-HCX UHF Multi Frequency Handheld Transmitter (Condenser Capsule)

The S5.5-HCX is a professional, high quality wireless microphone with an electret condenser capsule. In addition to its outstanding clarity and transient response as well as its reliable radio technology, it is characterized among other things by the following features:


S5.3-BTX UHF Multi Frequency Beltpack Transmitter (Excluding Microphone)

The professional bodypack transmitters of the S5.3 system leave absolutely nothing to be desired. Due to their ultra-compact metal housing they can be used in almost any situation – be it for tough live performances on stage or in film and television applications, attached to a guitar strap or hidden under wardrobe. The S5.3-BTX always cuts a good figure.

It comes with LCD screen, battery status LED, detachable antenna, infrared sync, 10-step gain, belt clip, etc.
It provides 640 frequencies, 12 of which can be operated simultaneously in a multi-channel setup.
Instruments, headset or Lavalier microphones are connected securely via reliably locking mini-XLR connectors (TA4).

The transmitter uses a single AA battery for about 10 hours of continuous use.

YW-4500 Wall Mounted Wireless Antenna

The TOA YW-4500 is an indoor dipole antenna designed to be used in UHF band wireless system. A power lamp is provided on the unit’s bottom side to indicate the power supply status (it lights when power is supplied.). Power for the YW-4500 is supplied on a coaxial cable from the antenna connector of the WT-4800 or WD-4800. Cable loss can be compensated for by a built-in RF signal booster.

WD-4800 Wireless Antenna Distributor

The TOA Wireless Antenna Distributor WD-4800 is designed to be used in conjunction with VHF/UHF band system. It comes with two channels, in which two input signals are mixed and distributed to four outputs. The WD-4800 also has four DC power distribution outputs.

S5.5-HDX UHF Multi Frequency Handheld Transmitter (Dynamic Capsule)

The S5.5-HDX is the professional, dynamic handheld microphone of our S5.5 system, offering 1,400 transmission frequencies.


S5.3-HDX UHF Multi Frequency Handheld Transmitter (Dynamic Capsule)

The S5.3-HDX is a professional, dynamic wireless microphone that leaves nothing to be desired.
In addition to its excellent sound quality, it is characterized by the following properties: