Trantec Wireless

For nearly thirty years Trantec have specialised in producing high quality wireless microphones, beltpacks and in ear monitors.

Now owned by TOA, Trantec continues to advance by investing in our own research and development to ensure that our product range maintains its innovative, market leading position.

Our wide product range, as well as versatile accessories ensures that we can cater for the most challenging audio demands, at almost any budget within the broadcast, film, music, school, house of worship and theatre industries.
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ACC-66WS Foam Windshield

Foam Windshield for HM-66


ACC-33WS Foam Windshield

Foam Windshield for HM-33


ACC-5200WS Foam Windshield

Foam Windshield for LM-55


ANT-6000RD694B UHF Reflecting Dipole Antenna

Terminated with a female N-Type connector. Supplied with spring clamps for attaching to fences, trees etc.

Frequency 606 – 782 Mhz


ANT-UHF-PADA UHF Paddle Antenna

UHF directional antenna. Frequency range 470 – 870 MHz


S5-ADU-GW Antenna Distribution Unit

The S5 ADU allows a single pair of antennae to feed up to 4 receivers. For larger systems (up to 12 channels), additional ADU’s can be cascaded.

S5.5L-D3U-RACK-4W 4 x S5.5 system with ADU,PSU & Flight Case

Channel 70 830-865MHz  – 4 x S5.3 system with ADU, PSU & Flight Case

S5.5L-G1U-CUBE-4W 4 x S5.5 System with ADU,PSU & Flight Case (Channel 38)

Channel 38 606-622  – 4 x S5.5 System with ADU,PSU & Flight Case (Cube System)

S5.3L-G2-CUBE-4W 4 x S5.3 System with ADU,PSU & Flight Case (Channel 38)

Channel 38 606 – 622Hz – 4 x 4 x S5.3 System with ADU,PSU & Flight Case (Cube System)

S5.5-RX UHF Multi Frequency Receiver (Excluding Power Supply & Antenna)

Our flagship!
The S5.5-RX leaves nothing to be desired:

True diversity operation, 1,400 selectable frequencies, 10 banks, 24 simultaneous channels per bank, software monitoring/programming, automatic frequency scanning, triple-squelch, LCD screen, infrared sync, USB port, EQ, phase reversal, mic/line switch, headphone output, BNC antenna inputs, in a full-metal housing

With the S5.5 receivers a maximum of 24 channels can be realized. That is why our S5.5 system is the perfect choice for really big applications where you need to manage a multitude of wireless channels.

For all our multi-channel systems we offer our Racked’n’Ready services!

You simply specify how many channels you need and whether you want the system to sit in a professional 19 “rack or in a transport-friendly cube (9.5” ), and we will deliver a ready-to-use, pre-configured wireless rack including any selectable combination of handheld and bodypack transmitters conveniently and free to your place.