Music and Words

For over a quarter of a century TOA has been committed to developing vocal and speech radio products to the highest specification at the cutting edge of technology.

We are proud to have become synonymous with high quality and reliability.

The introduction of Trantec S5/S4 wireless microphones has completed the TOA line up that allows integration into a wide and varied market sector that makes challenging demands within professional audio, broadcast, film, music and theatre.

Additionally, TOA 5000 series has also become the first choice by many for the perfect match when it comes to performance, reliability and build quality to face the daily requirements that sports, conferencing, education and houses of worship have come to expect.

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Products in 'Wireless'

WH-4000S Windscreen

Windscreen (Contains 10 pieces)

WH-4000p Waist Pouch

Waist Pouch

WTU-4800 UHF Wireless Tuner Unit

UHF Wireless Tuner Unit

WH-4000A Microphone

WH-4000A Headset (Aerobics) Microphone

YP-M5310 Microphone

Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone

WH-4000H Microphone

WH-4000H Headset Microphone

YP-M5300 Microphone

Unidirectional Lavalier Microphone

WM-5265 Handheld Wireless Microphone

The WM-5265 Wireless Microphone employs a dynamic microphone capsule and is suitable for a wide range of applications.Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 64 different operating frequencies are made available. A high output power ensures stable radio signal transmission.

WM-5270 D04 UHF Hand-held Wireless Microphone

The WM-5270 Wireless Microphone employs a dynamic microphone capsule with high input handling capacity and is suitable for vocal application and other professional uses. Thanks to the PLL-synthesizer system, 16 different operating frequencies (4 banks) are made available. A high output power ensures stable radio signal transmission. The maximum input sound pressure can be set in the range of 130 dB SPL to 142 dB SPL by a PAD switch, permitting adaptation to wide range of input sound pressure.

IR-700D Infrared Wireless Distributor

Equipped with 4 receiver mixing outputs and 2 distribution outputs.
By using the IR-700D in conjunction with IR-702T and YW-1022/1024, the system with up to 16 infrared receivers can be configurable.



  • Rack-mountable with optional brackets (MB-WT3/MB-WT4)