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S5.5L-G1U-RACK-10W 10 x New S5.5 system with PSU & Flight Case (Channel 38)

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S5.5L-G1U-RACK-W New S5.5 system


Trantec are delighted to launch the New S5 Series.  The comprehensive upgrade and distinctive new look now offers the professional multi-channel radio mic user a powerful set of features with an unrivalled performance/cost ratio.  Pricing is now up to 15% cheaper than the old S5.5, so get in touch with us now!



  • Up to 24 simultaneous channels of true diversity operation
  • USB based computer monitoring
  • Simple programming of transmitters via Infra-red
  • Credit card size beltpack transmitters
  • Single AA transmitter battery life of over 10 hours
  • Professional metal enclosures on both transmitters and receivers
  • 19” professional flight case with built-in antennae distribution and power supply as standard



  • All black fascia designs with distinctive colour backlit indicators
  • Stronger belt clip
  • Handheld transmitters with removable capsules (dynamic, condenser, or 3rd party)
  • RF link out for cascading receivers (Racks up to 8-way with no ADU!)
  • RF Walk Test added to Software Ver1.6
  • Monitoring software now compatible with Windows versions 7,8,10



S5 Racked’n’Ready systems are in Ch.38-41

Larger racks available on request

All systems come with choice of hand or beltpack transmitters

Headsets can be supplied as an extra

Remote Antenna Kits & storage drawers available


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