S4.16 Cube

S4.16L-EA-CUBE-4W 4 x S4.16 systems with ADU, PSU & Flight Case (Discontinued)

Channel 70 854-865MHz – 4 x S4.16 systems with ADU, PSU & Flight Case

NOTE: When placing an order please denote how many handhelds and beltpacks are required in the Enter optional notes for this order:

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S4.16-RX-EAW S4.16 RX Receiver (Discontinued)

  • 16 selectable frequencies including 4 licence free Channel 70 (UK)
  • Up to 8 simultaneous channels
  •  Fully synthesised PLL quartz tuning technology
  • Receiver LED’s show AF Peak level, RF Level, and Diversity Channel A or B
  • Diversity operation with detachable antennae
  • Professional metal enclosure
  • 19” rack mount option for one or two receivers.

S4.16-BTX-EAW S4.16 Beltpack Transmitter (Excluding Microphone) (Discontinued)

The S4.16-BTX-EAW is a reliable and easy-to-use UHF bodypack transmitter. It provides 16 frequencies, eight of which can be used simultaneously.



S4.16-HDX-EAW S4.16 Handheld Transmitter (Dynamic Capsule) (discontinued)

The S4.16-HDX-EAW is a powerful vocal and speech microphone with a high-quality dynamic capsule and a cardioid pickup pattern.It offers 16 frequencies for working with the S4.16-RX-EAW receiver, so you can always choose a suitable frequency according to the local requirements.


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