AX-1000A 8 Channel Modular Automatic Mixer (Discontinued)

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    • 8 channels accept TOA’s 900 Series modules
    • Automatically adjusts system level, allowing maximum acoustic gain with out feedback, regardless of the number of active microphone inputs.
    • Channels gate silently for ultimate system response and clarity.
    • Ten AX-1000A may be linked for a maximum of 80 input channels.
    • Rack mountable in 3 spaces (ears included).
    • Each channel features:
    • Direct output (pre-gate)
    • Logic output (open collector)
    • Attenuation depth control (0 to -40dB)
    • Master functions:
    • NOM Attenuation control (0 to 20log NOM) with standard 10log NOM in center click.
    • Remote master volume.
    • Priority override for either muting of DIP switch selected channels or of input modules with muting capability.

  • Specification
    Frequency Response 20-20 000 Hz
    Total Harmonic Distortion 0.1% (1kHz)
    Signal to Noise Ratio >77dB (Master Vol. Max)
    Inputs 8 ports for modules +1x Link
    Input Sensitivity+Impedance Ports: -20dB,10kohm, Link: -20dB, 22kohm
    Outputs Main 500ohm/150ohm balanced; 8x Direct -20dB 680ohm,1x Link -20dB 1kohm; 8x Logic, open collector (max. 30mA, 24V)
    Controls 8x Input Volume Control, 1 Master Volume, 8x Threshold, 1 NOM Attenuation, 8x Off Attenuation, 1 Master/Slave Switch 1 Mute switch
    Number of Stacking (max.) 10
    Attenuation Level 0 -20dB
    Power Requirements 230V, 50Hz
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 420 x 151.2 x 332 mm
    Weight 7kg

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