IP-3010AF Audio Interface Unit

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  • The IP-3010AF Audio Interface Unit can implement the IP streaming media transmission and the analogue audio inputs (4CH), to the analogue audio outputs (4CH). It can implement the signal control of the 16 control input channels / 16 control output channels.

  • Specifications
    Power Source 220V AC 50Hz, 24V DC
    Power Consumption AC: 0.22A or less DC: 1A or less (energy is supplied for removable terminal block 2P)
    Control Inputs 16 channels, no voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24V DC, short circuit current, 5mA or less, removable terminal block (20P)
    Control Outputs 16 channels, relay contact output, withstand voltage: 24V DC, maximum current: 500mA, removable terminal block (32P)
    Network Section Network I/F: 100BASE-T x 1, Network Protocol: TCP, UDP, Connector: RJ45 connector, Quantifying Bit No: 16 bit
    Audio Inputs 4 channel electronically-balanced input, supplier voltage with phantom power: 17V, MIC -60dB, input impedance 2.2k Ohms, removable terminal block 3P x4 (adapter, balanced output can be chosen)
    Audio Outputs Channel electronically balanced output, 0dB 10k Ohms, removable terminal block (3Px4) (adopter, balanced output can be chosen)
    Frequency Response MIC 100Hz-16kHz +/- 3dB, LINE 20Hz-20kHz+/-3dB
    Switch Reset switch fromt DIP switch Back: switch MIC/LINE, switch on phantom power
    Indicators Network LNK/ACT: green x1, Signal: green x4, Peak: red x4, Output: green x4, Power indicator: green x1
    Volume Controls 4 channel input volume knobs, black
    Finish Steel plate, black (munsell N1.0 or equivalent)
    Dimensions 420(D) x 44.3(W) x 360(H)mm
    Weight 4.3kg

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