D-911 VCA Fader Unit

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  • A dedicated VCA fader unit that significantly expands the operational scope of the D-901 Digital Mixer. It adds useful control capabilities when connected to the D-984VC. In such a connection setup, full VCA operation becomes possible, allowing all the D-901’s

    12 inputs and 8 outputs channel gain levels and 8 contact controls.

  • Specification
    Power Supply 5V DC (supplied from the optional D-984VC)
    Connector RJ45 connector × 8
    Input Fader Control Input fader (100mm) × 12
    Output Volume Control Output volume control × 8
    Contact Control Illuminated switch × 8
    Remote Output No-voltage make contact output (contact capacity: 30V DC, 4A)
    Remote Switch Seesaw switch for activating the remote function of the power distributor
    Finish Panel: Pre-coated steel plate, black, 30% gloss
    Dimensions 482.6 (W) × 177 (H) × 61.3 (D)mm (excluding projection)
    Weight 2.7kg
    Accessory Fader knob (Red, Yellow) × 3 each,Volume knob (Red) × 2, Rack mounting screw ×4, Rack mounting fiber washer × 4, Rack mounting bracket (preinstalled on the unit) × 2

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