BS-1034EN EN54 White Design Speaker

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  • The BS-1034EN is a voice alarm certification product. 2 way speaker system is suitable for announcement and music, running in a wide frequency range. Speaker design that harmonizes with the venue’s achitecture and decor. The speaker enclosures’s design proportions are based on the Golden Ratio.

    The BS-1034EN is a wall-mount speaker matched with a supplied plug-in speaker receptacle, for easy installation.

    A M4 screw terminal input connector allows easy connections.

  • Specification
    Speaker components: 5″ (12cm) cone-type + balanced dome tweeter.
    Rated Input: 100V Line 10W
    Impedance: 100V LINE: 1kΩ (10W),2kΩ (5W) 3.3kΩ (3W),10kΩ (1W)
    Sensitivity: (1W 1m)89dB (500Hz-5kHz, pink noise)
    Frequency Responce: 120-20,000Hz
    Input Terminal: Push-in terminal
    Finish: Cabinet: HIPS resin, off white (RAL 9010 equivalent), Grill: surface treated steel plate, off-white (RAL 9010 equivalent), paint

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