VM-3240E EN 54-16 compliant Extension Amplifier

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  • The TOA VM-3000 Series is a highly cost-effective combined emergency voice alarm system and public address system. The VM-3000 Series is ideal for small and medium-sized applications, such as shopping centres, retail stores, nursing homes, schools and fitness clubs. It incorporates such emergency voice alarm functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy to install and set-up, all-in-one system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that operate with uncompromisingly high audio quality to ensure consistently high intelligibility. The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and controlled, with full digital audio mixing and a built-in high-quality electronic voice message feature. The system may be set up directly using the controls and LCD display on the front panel, also enabling easy operation of the system. Operational versatility is further enhanced by a dedicated software configuration capability for entering and updating settings via a PC. Each extension amplifier offers a local paging/BGM input.

  • Specification
    Power Source AC mains, 50/60 Hz DC: 24 V DC
    Power Consumption 600W
    Rated Output 240W
    Frequency Response 50 – 20,000 Hz, ±3dB (at 1/3 rated output)
    Distortion Under 0.8% (at rated output, 1kHz)
    Signal-to-Noise Ratio Over 85dB
    Input External Amp Input : 100V LINE Plug-in screw connector
    Audio Input -50 dB (MIC)/-10 dB (LINE) (changeable) 600Ω, electronically balanced plug in screw connector
    Output Speaker output 1 – 2 : max (240w) per output
    Speaker output 3 – 6 : max (120w) per output
    Total with in 240W
    Plug-in screw connector
    Direct output : Direct output from internal or external amplifier
    Plug-in screw connector
    RM Link 1.2 in
    Network I/F
    VM Link RJ45 female connector
    VM LINK IN : for connecting the VM-3240VA or VM-3360VA
    VM LINK OUT : for connecting the VM-3240E or VM-3360E
    Maximum distance : 800 m
    Link cable: Category 5 Shielded Twisted-Pair straight cable (CAT5-STP)
    EXT PA Link RJ45 female connector for connecting the VP-2241 or VP-2421
    Maximum distance : 5 m
    Link cable: Category 5 Shielded Twisted-Pair straight cable (CAT5-STP)
    General Control In: 1 – 8/Out: 1 – 8 Plug-in screw connector
    Input : No-Voltage make contact input, open voltage: 24V DC, short-circuit current: under 1 mA
    Output : Isolated open collector output, withstand voltage: 30V DC, operating current: under 50 mA
    Emergency Control In: 1 – 6/Status out RJ45 female connector
    Input 1 – 5 : No-Voltage make contact input, open voltage : 24V DC, short-circuit current: under 2 mA
    Connection resistance to make the function: Inactive; 9.4kΩ ±5%/Active; 4.7kΩ ±5%
    Input 6: Isolated voltage input: Inactive; -24V ±20%/Active; +24V ±20%
    Status out: Relay contact output, withstand voltage: 40V DC, operating current: 2 – 300mA
    ATT Control Plug In connector, relay contact, 30V DC, 125V AC 5A (AC/DC)
    Power In/Out
    PS Out/DC Power In
    M4 Screw terminal distance between barriers 11 mm
    This connector for connecting the VX-2000DS only
    DC 28V/20A (operating range: 20 – 40V DC)
    DC24V Output 24V DC ±10% Maximum feeding current 0.4A
    DS Link RJ45 female connector for connecting the VX-2000DS
    Maximum distance: 5 m
    Link cable: Category 5 Shielded Twisted-Pair straight cable (CAT5-STP)
    Dimensions 482 (W) x 132.6 (H) x 460 (D)mm
    Weight 16.5kg
    Option Input transformer: IT-450

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