F-2000B Full range wide dispersion speaker

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  • TOA’s acclaimed speaker line, the F-2000 and F-1000 Series of compact, high efficiency two-way speakers achieve higher performance levels for wide range frequency response and power handling.

    Designed to be extremely versatile in order to meet different installation and application requirements, the new F-2000 and F-1000 Series are ideal solutions that solve increasing needs for adaptable sound reinforcement.

    • Finish in Black or White
    • Weather proof version available (F-2000BTWP)
    • Low impedance and 100V versions (F-2000BT)
    • External rotary control for various impedance settings
    • Multi position Bracket included
    • Built in speaker protection

    Various mounting brackets

    enables a wide variety of installations, for example on walls, ceilings and speaker stands. Moreover, additional available brackets make even more demanding installations possible.

  • Specification Model F-2000B
    Enclosure Type Bass-reflex type
    Power Handling Capacity 60W(continous pink noise)180W (continous program)
    Impedance 8Ohm
    Sensitivity 92dB (1w,1m)
    Frequency Responce 65-20,000Hz
    Crossover Frequency 2.5kHz
    Directivity Angle Horizontal 110°, vertical 100°, Horizontal 80°, vertical 80°(with horn adaptor)
    Speaker Componenrs Low frequency 20 cm cone type. High Frequency, 25mm dome tweeter
    Input Terminals Push-in terminal
    Finish HIPS, black
    Dimensions 224(W) × 373(H) × 235(D)mm
    Weight 6.5 kg (14.33 lb) (including the supplied brackets)
    Accessories Speaker bracket × 1, Joint bracket × 1, Wall bracket × 1, Bracket fixing screw × 1 set
    Option Board hanger bracket:HY-CM20B,Cluster braket:HY-CL20B,Speaker stand:ST-16A

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