F-2852C High Power 2-Way Ceiling Speaker (16cm Cone)

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  • The F-2852C is a high power 60W 2-way wide range ceiling speaker designed for higher power applications with higher ceilings, in the range of three to six metres.

    Features Include:

    • Designed to blend in to ceilings with a smooth low profile design
    • Minimal high frequency rolloff allows clear and well-balanced sound reproduction over a wide listening area
    • Quick and easy installation to precisely mount speaker onto ceilings and walls. Rotating front grille also installs quickly and conveniently
    • Equipped with back can to meet heat resistant specifications
    • Equiped with a diffuser for wider dispesion of high frequencies

  • Specifications
    Enclosure Bass reflex type
    Rated Input 60W (high impedance)
    Power Handling Capacity Continuous pink noise: 90W(8Ω), 60W (16Ω)
    Continuous program: 180W(8Ω), 120W(16Ω)
    Impedance (100V Line) 170Ω (60W), 330Ω (30W) 670Ω (15W), 3.3kΩ (3W)
    Impedance (70V Line) 83Ω (60W),170Ω (30W) 330Ω (15W), 670Ω (7.5W) 3.3kΩ (1.5W)
    Impedance (25V Line) 83Ω (7.5W),170Ω (3.7W) 330Ω (1.9W), 670Ω (0.9W) 3.3kΩ (0.2W)
    Low (Adjustable 16Ω, 8Ω
    Sound Pressure Level 91dB(1W, 1m)
    Frequency Response 60 – 20,000Hz (-10dB), 45 – 20,000Hz (-20dB) at installation in 1/2 free sound field (measured by installing the unit in the center of a ceiling.)
    Speaker Component High frequency: Dome- type
    Speaker Component Low frequency: 16cm cone-type
    Mounting Hole ø250(maximum ceiling thickness: 37mm)
    Input Terminal Removable locking connector with screw-down terminals (2 input terminals and 2 bridge terminals)
    Usable Cable Solid copper wire: ø0.5 – ø1.6mm (equivalent to AWG No. 24 – 14) Stranded copper wire: 0.2 – 2.5mm (equivalent to AWG No. 24 – 14)
    Finish Enclosure Steel plate, plating
    Baffle Fire-resistant ABS resin (resin material grade; UL-94 V-0 or its equivalent), black
    Rim Fire-resistant ABS resin (resin material grade; UL-94 V-0 or its equivalent), white, paint
    Punched net Steel plate, white, paint
    Dust-proof bag n/a
    Dimensions ø280 x 227 (D)mm
    Weight 5.1kg (including mounting accessories)
    Accessories Panel 1
    Ceiling reinforcement ring 1
    Safety wire 1
    Paper pattern 1
    Option Anchor hanging bracket HY- AH1
    Back can n/a
    Tile bar bridge HY- TB1
    Trim ring n/a
    Electronic controller n/a

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