IR-300M Infrared Wireless Microphone (Hands-Free)

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  • Easy-to-wear, neck-suspended design means unit can be ready for use quickly.
    Lightweight body can be worn for long periods of time without causing fatigue (130g with 2 alkaline batteries).

    • Infrared light emission intensity adjustable at 2 levels.
    • 2 selectable channel frequencies
    • Antibacterial treatment
    • Employs an electret condenser microphone unit.
    • Low-battery indicator.
    • Can be used with a built-in microphone or external microphone.
    • An external MIC input level adjustment function allows sensitivity adjustment if the connected external microphone has a different sensitivity.
    • Color stickers supplied to distinguish one unit from other wireless microphones.

  • Specifications
    Battery IR-200BT-2 rechargeable batteries for the infrared wireless microphone (2 pieces) or AA alkaline dry cell batteries
    Current Consumption typ.250mA (2.4V, Power selector switch:N)/typ.340mA (2.4V,Power selector switch:H)
    Infrared Emitter
    Wavelength 870nm (AM:Brightness modulation)
    Modulation Method Frequency modulation)
    Carrier Frequency Channel A:3.100 MHz/Channel B: 3.350 MHz
    Transmission Distance Approx.20m (Power selector switch: H;In an unobstructed space.)/Approx. 15m (Power selector switch:N;In an unobstructed space.)
    Tone Signal 32.768kHz
    Modulation Sensitivity ±4.8 kHz (1 kHz,when SPL of 84 dB is input)
    Maximum Input Sound Pressure 120dB SPL
    Input Sensitivity Adjustment Adjustment range:-9dB to 0dB (factory-preset:0dB)
    Microphone Unit Unidirectional electret condenser microphone
    Frequency Response 100Hz-12kHz
    Input External microphone input (ø3.5 monaural mini jack)
    Battery Operation Time Approx.8 hours (when the IR-200BT-2 rechargeable batteries for thr infrared wireless microphone is used; Power selector switch:N) Approx.6 hours (when the alkaline battery is used;Power selector switch:N)
    Operating Temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
    Operating Humidity 30% to 85% RH
    Finish Control Section:ABS resin,metallic grey,50% gloss,paint/Filter Section:Polycarbonate,optical cut filter
    Dimension 64(W) x 91.3(H) x 27.3(D)mm
    Weight 130g (with batteries and strap)
    Accessories Screw driver (for setting)x 1, Colour label (6 colours) x 1

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