C-001T Input/Output Control Module

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  • The C-001T is Control I/O expansion module designed for use with the M-9000 and can provide up to 8 channels each of input and output expansion. Since the main unit has 4 preinstalled inputs and outputs each, the control input and output can be expanded to up to 12 channels each when the C-001T is used.

  • Specification
    Power Source 6 V DC
    Current Consumption 15 mA
    Control Input 8 channels, open voltage: 3.3 V DC, short-circuit current: under 1 mA, removable terminal block (9 pins)
    Control Output 8 channels, open collector output, withstand voltage: 27 V DC, control current: max. 50 mA, removable terminal block (9 pins)
    Operating Temperature -10°C to +40°C
    Finish Panel: Aluminum, hair-line
    Dimensions 35 (W) × 78 (H) × 91.5 (D) mm
    Weight 62 g
    Accessory Removable terminal plug (9 pins) × 2, Module mounting screw × 2

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