M-243 Stereo Mixer

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    • Flexible 2 monaural & 4 stereo inputs and 1 stereo & 2 monaural outputs.
    • Each input signal can be assigned to each of 3 outputs.
    • Stereo output can be divided among two monaural output channels.
    • Depending on level reading, monaural input may be selected as either mic or line.
    • Built-in limiter circuit prevents damage from overloads.
    • Selectable internal hi-pass filter (HPF) switch.
    • PAD (20dB) may be inserted at mic input.
    • Peak indicator prevents signal clipping.
    • “AUTO MUTE” ON/OFF button to mute stereo signals by detecting monaural signals.
    • Stereo output equipped with music output/ audio tone (high/low) equalizer.
    • Selectable mixer bypass for two monaural outputs which may be output as stereo SUM.
    • Memo area provided on assign switch bar for marking input assignments.
    • Color coding of controls makes them easier to distinguish and to operate.

  • Specification
    Frequency Response 20Hz~20kHz(+1, -2dB)
    Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.01% (1kHz, rated I/O)
    Noise Level (A-Weight) ALL MIN: Stereo Out (L, R) Less than -105dB*/Mono Out (1, 2) Less than •98dB*; STEREO, MONO 1. 2
    MAX: Stereo Out(L, R) Less than -94dB/Mono Out (1, 2) Less than 95dB*
    Power Consumption * 100- 120V AC: 10W: •220-240V AC: 12W
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 482.6 x 44 x 301,8mm
    Weight 3.8kg
    Finish Black.

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