NM-01 Sound Masking Module

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  • The NM-01 is a sound masking module to be used in conjunction with TOA’s 9000M2, series. This module generates a noise source to be used for sound masking and audio privacy applications. Such applications include open-plan office environments or smaller spaces where distracting or private conversations need to be made unintelligible. The module allows connection of optional external signal processing equipment (e.g. an equalizer), as required. A simple contact allows for muting of this noise source, if desired.
  • Specification
    Power Source 24 V DC (Supplied from amplifier)
    Current Consumption 10mA
    Output Level (to amplifier) 300mV
    Noise Type Analog random pink noise
    Mute Function Dry contact, normally open (close to mute)
    Input 10kΩ, RCA pin jack
    Output 150mV, 600>, RCA pin jack
    Dimensions 35(W) x 78(H) x 88(D)mm (1.38” x 3.07” x 3.46”)
    Weight 64g (0.14lb)

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