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  • The new TOA MM-700F Matrix Mixer is developed from years of experience providing mixers for the retail industry (with a client list that’s a virtual “who’s who” of retail) and with the cooperation of some of its top players, the MM-700F is designed to address the demand for a simpler and more cost-effective, mid-level background music and paging systems needing simple control with multiple zones.  Just as advanced as some of its high-priced kin, but without the complicated setup or programming required by many other solutions.

    At its core, the MM-700F is a 6-input matrix mixer: 4 of its inputs are configured for BGM or other line-level sources, while two balanced inputs are designated for priority sources, such as paging mics or message players. A totally digital product sporting 24Bit/48kHz digital sound quality, its simple user-interface belies its advanced inner workings. The only controls any user needs to access are the front panel source select buttons and four output level (zone) controls. All other controls are placed on the rear panel to prevent unauthorised tampering. An optional wall control (WP-700-AM) can be connected via a single shield CAT5 cable to each of the four output channels, allowing access to volume and source select.

    The digital mixer section also features a menu of 26 TOA speaker EQ presets (selectable by dip-switch), factory-loaded, to optimise the sound of our most popular PA and audio speakers. It also provides settings to allow bi-amping with subwoofers and offers many popular audio playback EQ curves. TOA will also offer a powered Matrix Mixer Amplifier version (MA-725F) as an all-in-one solution providing built-in amplification.
    The MM-700F matrix pre-amplifier performs matrix controls from 4 LINE plus 2 MIC/LINE level inputs to 4 output channels. Each output channel features 64 DSP preset selections for general equalisations, crossover for sub-woofers, or a variety of TOA speakers’ EQ settings. 2 MIC/LINE inputs have 1st and 2nd priority levels which can override assigned output channels automatically or manually. If connected with optional WP-700-AM wall remotes via shielded CAT-5 cable, audio source selection and volume controls can be done remotely. All assignments and setups can be done by dip switches on its rear panel without a laptop or a PC. This unit fits a wide range of applications that require multi-zone paging and/or background music distribution at restaurants, retail stores, factories, and many other venues.

    The WP-700-AM is a remote control switch/volume panel that is designed for the MM-700F-AM mixer, which can remote select input source and adjust volume levels when connected via a shielded Ethernet cable to the MM-700F mixer. It can also be mounted in a 1-gang electrical box (American type).

  • Specification  MM-700F
    Power Source 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 9W (Idle), 1W or less (Standby)
    Frequency Response 20Hz-20 kHz (-3dB/+1dB)
    Total Harmonic Distortion

    0.5% or less, at 1kHz, rated output


    EN60065, EN55032, EN55020

    Input PRIORITY 1,2: Mic -60dB*/Line -10dB* selectable, 2.2kΩ, electrically balanced, removable terminal block

    LINE IN 1,2,3,4: -10dB*, 10kΩ, unbalanced, 2 RCA jacks

    (Stereo summing)

    Output  LINE OUT 1,2,3,4: 0dB*, 600Ω, unbalanced, removableterminal block

    MOH: 0dB*, 600Ω, transformer balanced, removable terminal block

    1% (LINE:1kHz,1/3 rated output, with audio filter: audio precision AUX-0025 and LPF 20kHz filter)
    DSP Preset 16 presets in 4 banks at each output channel, selectable
    S/N Ratio Mic: 60 dB* or more, Line: 75dB* or more (A-weighted)
    Muting Manual mute / Automatic mute
    Mute Hold Time 50ms to 10 seconds, adjustable
    Priority Level PRIORITY 1 > PRIORITY 2 > LINE 1,2,3,4
    Control POWER: ON/OFF switch, Power remote terminal

    PRIORITY 1,2: MIC/LINE selector switch, Gain control, Assign switch, Auto mute switch,

    Mute sense control, Manual mute terminal, Mute hold time control, Priority mix switch

    LINE IN 1,2,3,4: Gain control, Assign restriction switch

    OUTPUT 1,2,3,4: LINE IN 1-4 selector switch, Output gain control, DSP bank selector switch, DSP preset selector switch

    REMOTE 1,2,3,4: Remote control connector (RJ-45), Remote link switch

    Indicator POWER: 1 Power LED

    PRIORITY 1,2: 1 Signal LED, 1 Peak LED

    LINE IN 1,2,3,4: 1 Signal LED, 1 Peak LED

    OUTPUT 1,2,3,4: 2 Activated PRIORITY LED, 1 Connected REMOTE LED, 4 Selected LINE LED, 1 Signal LED, 1 Peak LED

    Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F)
    Operating Humidity 35% to 80%RH (no condensation)
    Finish Panel: Aluminum, hair line, black

    Case: Steel plate, black, paint

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