P-912MK2 Power Amplifier (Discontinued)

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    • 120W RMS
    • 20 ~ 20,000Hz frequency response ± 1dB
    • Low distortion and noise level and excellent output regulation
    • Built-in protection circuitry
    • Full range of plug-in modules
    • Input level switch (1,000mV/100mV)
    • Rack mountable with optional mounting accessory MB-25B (2 unit size)

  • Specification
    Output Power 120W RMS
    Power bandwidth 20 ~ 20,000Hz, 0.5% THD/(T); 50 ~ 20,000Hz, 0.5% THD
    Frequency Response 20-20 000 Hz ± 1dB/(T); 20 ~ 20,000Hz, +1dB/-3dB
    Input Sensitivity 1 input ports / input port: 100mV or 1,000mV (switchable)/10k Ω / One direct input/Direct input; 100mV or 1,000mV (switchable)/10k Ω
    Main (T) Output 8 Ω, 70V and 100V, balanced
    Signal to Noise Ratio (Band Pass: 20 ~ 20,000Hz) with Tone Controls Centered Input level switch in 0dBV (1,000mV) position; 108dB / Input level switch in -20dBV (100mV) position; 90dB
    Controls 1 input gain control / 1 power on/off switch / 1 input level switch / 1 low cut switch
    Protection Self protection, with AC fuses (inside)
    Power Requirements 220/240V AC (switchable), 330VA
    Dimensions (WxHxD) 420 x 99.1 x 358 mm
    Weight (without input modules) 10.9 kg
    Finish Black

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A-912 Mk 2 (120W) Amplifier (Discontinued)

  • 20 ~ 20,000Hz frequency response ± 1dB.
  • Low distortion and noise level and excellent output regulation.
  • Bass and Treble controls for input nº1 and Program Input.
  • Two level muting function and protection circuitry.
  • Full range of plug-in modules.
  • Two-level muting function.
  • Rack mountable with optional mounting accessory MB-25B (2-unit size)

P-1812 Booster Amplifier

  • When additional power amplification is required to power more speakers in a system, the TOA P-1812 Booster Amplifier can be connected to an A-1800 Series amplifier’s line out which provides an optimal level and impedance to efficiently drive the P-1812.
  • Switchable input levels
  • To interface properly with different equipment, input sensitivity can be switched between –10dB and 0dB.
  • Emergency control
  • On the back panel of amplifier is a remote-in terminal for emergency control which sets the default output level for the emergency input.

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