S4.16-RX-G3W S4.16 Channel 38 Receiver (Discontinued)

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  • The S4.16 series has been designed to make multichannel wireless as simple as possible. Based on Trantec’s award winning S4000 Series, the S4.16 is a top quality 16 channel wireless system built for durability whilst being priced to suit the tightest of budgets. This multifunction system is optimised for use with handheld, lapel mic and a range of headsets – or switch to use with a musical instrument with a range of up to 100 metres.

  • Specification
    Power Consumption 100 mA (12 v DC)
    Harmonic Distortion Under 1% (typical)
    Audio Output Balanced ouptput: +16dB (83) (max), 600Ω, balanced, XLR-3-31 type connector

    Unbalanced output: -10dB (*3)(max), 600Ω, unbalanced, phone jack

    Frequency Response 100 -15,000 Hz, +3dB
    Receiving Sensitivity Over 90dB, S/N ratio (2dB μV input, 40 kHz deviation)
    Operation Temperature -10°C to + 45 °C
    Squelch Sensitivity 18 – 40 dB μV variable
    Dimensions 214 (W) x 35 (H) x 100.5 (D) mm (excluding antenna)
    Indicator ANT A/B, Audio (peak), RF level, Power
    Weight 580g
    S/N Ratio Over 95 dB (A-weight, unbalanced output)
    Frequency Bands 606-614, 719-744, 854-864 MHz
    16 Channel Capability (8 Simultaneous Channels)

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