VX-2000 System Manager

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  • The VX-2000 System Manager has been designed and built to meet British and European standards: BS5839 part 8 and EN 60849. The VX-2000 is an input matrix unit that assigns input signals to 4 audio buses, and functions as the VX-2000 system’s main controller.

    A total of up to 8 units of the VX-200XI, VX-200XR, and 900 Series input modules can be mounted in a System Manager.

    The VX-2000 can control audio signal routing, priorities, and peripheral equipment, while input and output control settings are performed by way of a PC.

    Up to 2,000 system events and failures can also be recorded, and the log can be viewed from a PC.

  • Specification
    Power Source 24V DC (operating range: 20 – 40V DC)
    M3.5 screw terminal, distance between barriers: 8.8m
    Current consumption Under 650mA (20V DC)
    Input -20dB*, unbalanced, Number of module slots: 8
    Usable module: VX-200XR, VX-200XI, 900 series plug-in modules (M-01F, M-01M,M-01P, M-01S, M-03P, M-51F, M-51S, M-61F, M-61S, U-01F, U-01P, U-01R,U-01S, U-61S)
    Audio Link Output Number of audio buses: 4 0dB*, electronically balanced, RJ45 female connector
    Twisted-pair straight cable (TIA/EIA-568A standard)
    Monitor Output 0dB*, electronically balanced, XLR receptacle (3 pins).
    Frequency response 20 – 20,000Hz
    Signal to Noise Ratio Over 60dB
    Distortion Under 0.5%
    Cross Talk Under -60dB (1kHz, 0dB*)
    Control Input 16 inputs, no-voltage make contact, open voltage: 17V DC, Short circuit current: Under 5mA, RJ45 connector x 2 C
    Control Output 16 outputs, open collector output, withstand voltage: 30V DC, Control current: Under 5mA, RJ45 connector x 2 C
    Chime tone Built-in chime: 4-tone chime (up)/4-tone chime (down)/2-tone chime/Gong
    Communication system PC (Setting software to be installed): D-sub connector (9 pins), cross cable, RS-232C
    VX-2000SF: RJ45 female connector, Twisted-pair straight cable (TIA/EIA-568A standard), LONWORDS RS-485
    Operating temperature 0ºC to +40ºC
    Finish Panel: Surface-treated steel plate, black, 30% gloss, paint
    Dimensions 482 (W) x 132.6 (H) x 337 (D)mm
    Weight 6.4kg
    Accessory Rack mounting bracket (preinstalled on the unit) x 2, Rack mounting screw x 4, Fiber washer x 4, Blank panel x 7, Blank panel mounting screw x 14, Setting software installation CD x 1, Fuse (T1.6A L) x 1/(T6.3A L) x 1
    Option Voice announcement board: EV-200, Isolation transformer: IT-450 (audio link output)
    * 0 dB = 1 V
    Note: LONWORKS is a trademark of Echelon Corporation.

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