S4.16B-EA-UK UHF 16 Frequency Beltpack System (No Microphone Supplied) (Discontinued)

854-865MHz – Includes the related products below.

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Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)
Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc


S4.16-BTX-EAW Bodypack Transmitter

The S4.16-BTX-EAW is a reliable and easy-to-use UHF bodypack transmitter. It provides 16 frequencies, eight of which can be used simultaneously.

Instruments, headset or Lavalier microphones are connected using a screwable 3.5 mm jack plug that will securely stay in place during performances.

The battery compartment houses a 9-V battery of which the transmitter can be operated for 10 hours, mic/line selection switch for adjusting the input sensitivity and a gain control.

S4.16-RX-EAW S4.16 Receiver (excluding power supply & antenna)(Discontinued)

The S4.16-RX-EAW expands our product range to include a 2-channel diversity receiver, fitting twice the number of channels into half a rack width. Two S4.16-RX-EAW can easily be mounted side by side in a 19 “rack, so that four wireless channels can fit into only 1 HU. Just like the S4.16-RX-G3W, the SS4.16-RX-EAW offers 16 frequencies to choose from.

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