S4.16 Handheld

S4.16H-G3-UK UHF 16 Frequency Handheld System (Dynamic Capsule) (Discontinued)

606-614MHz – Includes the related products below.

Related Products

ANT-S4.16RX-G Receiver Antenna for S4.16RX-G

This product is a variant of the following item. Click on the link below to see all variants and options:
ANT-S4.16RX Receiver Antenna for S4.16RX

ANT-S4.16RX-D Receiver Antenna for S4.16RX -606-638MHz


S4.16-HDX-G3W S4.16 Handheld Transmitter (Dynamic Capsule) (Discontinued)

The S4.16-HDX-G3W is a powerful vocal and speech microphone with a high-quality dynamic capsule and a cardioid pickup pattern.

It offers 16 frequencies for working with the S4.16-RX-G3W receiver, so you can always choose a suitable frequency according to the local requirements.


Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)
Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc

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