S4.4 with SJ22-P-R-P

S4.4T-EA-UK UHF 4 Frequency Theatre Headworn System (MIC-SJ22-P)(Discontinued)

863-865MHz – Includes the related products below.

Related Products


MIC-SJ22-B-R HM-22 Headworn Hi-Q Microphone – Black with 12dB pad

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MIC-SJ22 HM-22 Headworn Hi-Q Microphone

The MIC-SJ22 is a high quality headband microphone with a Mini Jack Connector for use with the S4.04 and S4.10 Series Beltpacks.


S4.4BTX-EAW S4.4 Beltpack Transmitter (Excluding Microphone) (Discontinued)

S4.4BTX-EAW S4.4 Beltpack Transmitter (Excluding Microphone)

Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)
Power Supply 220v >15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc (UK)

PS-S115-UK Power Supply 220v, 15vdc


S4.4RX-EAW S4.4 Receiver (excluding power supply) (Discontinued)

The S4.4 -RX is a compact, robust wireless receiver for small setups with few channels. Thanks to its fixed rod antennae and its ease of use you can set it up and have it running within seconds.

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