V-1068B Multi-Purpose Relay Module (Discontinued)

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    • By changing jumper connections, functions such as standby amp switchover, program or broadcast zone selection and mic precedence are possible.
    • 44-pin card edge connector for up to 6 inputs and 5 outputs.
    • Operation monitoring by 5 dual colour LEDs and 1 red LED.

  • Specification
    Inputs 6 inputs (Each; 250V AC 4A, 30V DC 5A, A0A’0 ~ A5A’5)
    Outputs 5 outputs (Each; 250V AC 4A, 30V DC 5A, L0L’0 ~ L5L’5)
    Switches 5 selector buttons / 1 reset button
    Indications 5 red, green LEDs / 1 red LED
    Power Requirements 24V DC
    Current Consumption 230mA
    Relay Contact Capacity Less than 2.4A (110V AC)
    Connection 44-pin card edge connector
    Dimensions 1 module size
    Weight 250g
    Colour Black

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